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intraHouse system is a software for building automation and Smart Home system creation. intraHouse provides higher level management and control that comprises all devices and equipment connected to the system.


intraHouse user interface is accessible from a Web-browser. It means that you won’t need to install any software on your personal computer, tablet or smart phone.

intraHouse system is supplied with two types of the interface, the first being for widescreens (for personal computers or tablets) and the second (mobile version) for smart phones.

intraHouse system interface ensures multiple access simultaneously, i.e. from several computers, tablets and smart phones. The number of connections is unlimited.

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In the basic version of intraHouse system, three standard modes are available: Day, Night and Economy.

Normally those three modes, together with scenes, are enough to provide fully-featured energy efficient and comfortable management of a flat or a house.

You can adjust those three modes for other purposes. For example, you can have such modes as “Business Hours”, “Off Hours”, “Holidays”. For you summer house, you can have “Home”, “Away”, “In Conservation”.

Unlike a scene, a mode is a condition of an object (house). This means that an object is always in one of three states. If we take a bedroom as an example, it will be comfortable to have one temperature at daytime, other temperature at night, and still other temperature when you are on vacation. This will not only ensure comfort but also contribute to saving on energy costs.

Besides, a mode can be taken into account for any scene. E.g., in the Night mode audio signals can be disabled.


What is a scene? In a typical Smart Home system, a scene normally means a lighting scene.

In intraHouse system, the concept of Scene has a broader meaning: it means management of all devices in accordance with particular algorithms.

All devices in intraHouse system can operate without scenes: you can turn them on/off and watch the change in their condition. But only scenes can make your house really “smart”. Why did we put this word in inverted commas? Because we believe that a house can never become smarter than its owner.

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Scheduling today plays a very important role in the life of every person. Multiple routine and trivial activities tend to distract people from what is really significant and require additional costs. For instance, timely watering of lawns and turning off outside lights, warming water in a heating boiler or a swimming pool before bathing or swimming, etc. It is probably more pleasant for the mood and family budget to have the floors warmed a few minutes before wakeup time and turned off automatically 30 minutes after. It’s healthier to have the window blinds up and let the morning sun in than to be waken up by monotonous sounds of an alarm clock. intraHouse will handle these routine tasks not only according to the time of the day, but also take into account days of the week and particular calendar days as you indicate in the virtual schedule.

System Structure


It includes Kernel (the system’s core), Script Engine, Front Server (Web server), Back Server (communication with devices). intraHouse Server is based on Node.js platform.


Visualization applications. They are implemented using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and other technologies. Thanks to web visualization, user interfaces are available for a variety of devices: personal computers, smart phones and tablets with the most popular operating systems (Android, Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows).


Plugins are intended for connection of equipment of different manufacturers. They are drivers that link shortcuts in the interface with actual devices.

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