Home Interface

On Any Device

intraHouse user interface is accessible from a Web-browser. It means that you won’t need to install any software on your personal computer, tablet or smart phone. It also means that the user interface will be compatible with any operational system (Android, iOS , Linux, Mac OS X, Windows).

intraHouse system is supplied with two types of the interface:

  • first – for widescreens (personal computers or tablets)
  • second (mobile version) – for smart phones.

intraHouse system interface ensures multiple access simultaneously, i.e. from several computers, tablets and smart phones. The number of connected devices is unlimited.


User Interface

User interface is the primary interface for end users. That is where the smart home owner gets and applies the effective management and control tools. Since this interface is intended for users, we did our best to make it intuitive and friendly, not to make them read the technical documentation.

Interface for Settings

The interface for system settings (Project Manager) is intended for installers. That is where all system settings and customization will be done. Any changes made in Project Manager will be saved on your server and become immediately accessible for all system users.



The interface look (Themes) is a customizable element. You can either select a Theme from the embedded variety or customize it yourselves.