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What criteria do you bear in mind when you’re choosing a product for distribution? Those are probably good quality, a reasonable price and a great selling capability. When our dealers offer intraHouse system to end users, they can guarantee, without any doubt, reliability and high performance of the product at an attractive price. As for the market and the target audience, intraHouse is affordable for a wide community of users, from those who would like to have a smart apartment or house to business owners willing to automate a production building.

If you would like to join the dealer network to distribute a quality software for automation of residential and commercial buildings, we are ready to offer you favorable partnership conditions.

Benefits for our dealers:

– Flexible pricing policy and discount system

– Informative and consultative support

– Webinars

– Technical support (by phone, email, skype, remote desktop)

How to become a dealer?

Step 1 – tell us that you’re willing to become a dealer

Step 2 – sign a dealership agreement

The quantity of the 1st purchase is not limited. You can start with 1 license key.

Contact us now.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.