Home FAQ

What will I need to build a Smart Home?

  • Hardware: controllers, various sensors (motion, temperature, …) and actuating mechanisms (relays, dimmers, …)
  • intraHouse software. To integrate all the hardware you have into a single whole and coordinate its operation.

What is the default account for intraHouse system?

IP address:

User Name: admin

User Password: admin

For safety purposes, it is recommended to change the login and password!

Is the number of simultaneously operating user interfaces limited?

Theoretically, no. It all depends on your server capacity. Practically, our system experienced up to 100 simultaneous connections.

Can I test intraHouse system operation without hardware?

Yes, sure. You’ll only need a computer with Linux OS.
intraHouse system is capable of working in a virtual mode, without any hardware.
You can configure the system (levels, zones, devices), arrange all the devices on your layouts using the simple drag and drop. Then, configure the behavior of devices through scenes. Now you can test it.
Later, it will be enough just to add a plugin (a software module) for the equipment you have, and the system will continue its operation in real mode.

Where do I start configuration of the system?

We normally take the following steps to configure the system:
  1. Configure the levels and zones (floors and rooms).
  2. Configure the categories (lights, climate, …). Remove what is not needed and add the necessary items.
  3. Add devices and arrange them on the layouts of the floors.
  4. Add scenes to configure operation of particular devices and the system as a whole.
  5. Connect plugins. Configure channels to interact with physical devices.
  6. Test the system operation with physical devices.
  7. Put into operation.

How can I make a room layout?

A zone layout/plan is simply a PNG file.
You can make a drawing of your room/floor in any graphics editor.
You can even make a photo of a room.
For our projects, we usually use Sweet Home 3D. It’s very handy and user friendly.
Recommended image size: 900×900 pixel.
Please note that the image size is important. The smaller, the better. It will be easier to upload it.

Can I use snapshots from my IP camera as a layout?

Yes, you can. In the system settings “ProjectManager/System/Zone/”, find “Zone Camera” and enter CGI request to your IP camera. You can find the CGI request format in the documentation for your camera.

What does 'Sound Alert' mean?

intraHouse system can inform the owner of different events, using sound (voice) alerts. To have this feature, you will need some acoustic device (annunciation system, multiroom or just any loudspeaker system).
It will require some configuration, of course. When you configure it in the Project Manager mode, please indicate the path to the audio files. You can assign particular audio files to each level or zone. As an event occurs, the system will give an audible notice. For instance, if there is a water leakage, the system will produce the sound alert “Attention First Floor Bathroom Water Leakage”.
You can record such audible notices as WAV files.

Can I use intraHouse system as burglar alarm?

Yes. The system is capable of sending SMS and email notifications of what is going on in your property, be it a water leakage or motion sensor activation. The system has actually more capabilities than a standard burglar alarm system, but with the proviso that the alerts will come to you only. If you would like to contract some security service provider, you will need your system to be approved by them.

What kind of computer can I use as a smart home server?


For your smart home server, you can use any computer with Linux OS.

System requirements:

  • RAM: 2 Gb
  • Memory capacity of HDD (or SSD, for SD card) minimum 8 Gb (16 or more is recommended for data storage)

Raspberry Pi perfectly fits these requirements. It doesn’t have any moving parts (fan or hard disc drive), which is important for a system working 24/7. The capabilities of this microcomputer are quite enough for intraHouse system operation. For instance, CPU time is only 15% or less.