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We encourage you to try the demo version of intraHouse system
smart home demo

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This is not a video film. It’s a real smart home system. You can switch from one floor to the other. With a short press, turn on and off the appliances and devices (lighting, AC, etc.); with a long press, change the set their points and parameters. You can also play with the look of the user interface (i.e. the theme).

Any change in the device status made at one computer will be in no time displayed on all the other computers, smart phones and tablets. Please try it. Open intraHouse system in two tabs of your web browser and see how fast the system works.

No need for any download. No need for any installation. Everything you need will be in your web browser.

The demo version differs from the full version only in two ways: it does not give you access to the customization mode; no physical devices are connected.