Dealer network launched

Our company is opening a dealership network and would like to invite companies and individuals to cooperation. If you are willing to become a dealer to distribute a moderately priced quality software for automation of residential and commercial buildings, we will be glad to offer you favorable partnership conditions.

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intraHouse e-Shop

intraHouse e-shop is now open. Special offer: you have the unique chance to become the owner of a full-featured Smart Home system software for $150 only. For those who practice the do-it-yourself principle,  the system image for Raspberry Pi is available for download. Download, install and experiment. That’s an easy task!

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Working with Diagrams

intraHouse system is now capable of working with diagrams. With this feature, readings from any devices can be stored in the database and displayed graphically. It is especially important for various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, luminance…

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How to mount iPad on wall

There’s an easy and cheap way to mount a tablet on a wall. At a picture framing shop, you can order a picture frame. In the frame, cut out a notch for power supply connection. You can place the power supply unit in a nicher or a box behind the frame. To secure the framed tablet, you can use a double sided adhesive tape.  

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intraHouse Server

intraHouse server based on Odriod U2 minicomputerihServer Odroid U2

Processor: Samsung Exynos4412 Prime Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.7Ghz
Memory: 2GB
LAN: 10/100Mbps Ethernet
USB: USB2.0 x 2 ports

We used this configuration in our projects in 2013

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Partnership agreement with e-Homegreen AUTOMATION (Dubai, UAE)

e-home_Green_Logoe-Homegreen AUTOMATION is a leading manufacturer of automation systems in UAE.
e-Homegreen AUTOMATION produces controllers, I/O modules and sensors. The whole equipment range has outstanding capabilities and performance. For instance, a multifunctional 10-in-1 sensor has an integrated motion, temperature, noise and luminance sensor…

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Smart Home Server can be attached to any DIN rail, prototypes available

smart home server automationintraHouse which is known for its high quality and state-of-the-art home automation solutions is always one step ahead when it comes to high end technological advancements. intraHouse newly launched Smart Home Server is not only efficient, proactive and smart but can also be attached to the DIN rails* which are usually available in the houses today. The new intraHouse Server’s dimensions are 90x53x35mm.

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intraHouse has just introduced a new plugin for Siemens RDF302

We all know how irritating it can be to know exactly what we want but to be still unable to achieve it precisely. Same is the case with our homes when we know what temperature and climate we want, what kind of curtains and lights we would like – almost all details, but we still cannot have full control over all the systems even after implementing one of the best home automations systems available in the market.

Being in the habit of innovating and engineering solutions related to home automation, office automation or industrial building automation, Smart Home System is on the front line for tackling all new challenges. To make your house an energy efficient home and improve the overall performance of your smart house system, intraHouse has just released a new innovative software module intended to optimize the climate control system, improving its reliability and functionality. Below are the technical specifications of this state-of-the-art home automation software module with extended hardware support.

thermostat RDF302This software module (plugin) has been produced to work with Siemens RDF302 thermostats via Modbus RTU protocol.

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intraHouse at ISE-2015 (Stand 12-B70)

10-12 February 2015 – Amsterdam – new iH server, new user interface, new opportunities for smart home control and integration of equipment from different manufacturers supporting various protocols for building automation projects. All these were unveiled by INTRAHOUSE Integrated Systems Europe 2015, the largest and most respectable IT exhibition held in Amsterdam.

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intraHouse Smart Home System at GITEX 2014

gitex2014October 12-16, Dubai (UAE) – intraHouse smart home system won the hearts of GITEX 2014 visitors who highly appreciated the ease of use, ample opportunities for system customization and expansion, combination of wired and wireless technologies for projects integrating equipment with different protocols, such as KNX, Beckhoff, Wago, Z-Wave, 1-Wire, Moxa…

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intraHouse Smart Home System – The interactive house model is now ready to entertain the customers and potential clients

intraHouse technical team is always one step ahead to facilitate its customers and potential clients with more precision and accuracy. The newly created smart home model by intraHouse technical team is one of same examples. This smart home now has more controls, which would facilitate the potential clients in building a better understanding with Smart Home System. IntraHouse Smart Home System – The interactive house model is now ready to entertain the customers and potential clients. People will be able to create and execute different scenarios on the runtime to understand and evaluate the functionality of intraHouse system. If you…

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intraHouse has successfully tested the Beckhoff’s protocols “EtherCat”

We are always working to explore new possibilities using which we can facilitate our end users and can get the most out of our available technologies. The work of input/output devices from Beckhoff’s protocol known as Ethercat has been tested and found successful. After this successful test home automations team at intraHouse has started working on a software module. This module would have the ability to work with the equipment using protocol EtherCat.   Our end users will be able to get maximum out of our home automation, building automations and office automations solutions once the team at intraHouse is…

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New more interactive demo for our home, office and buildings automations systems will be available shortly on our web site

To facilitate our customers we have planned to launch a more interactive and detailed demo for our customers, which will be available soon on our website. Our team has already started working to upgrade the Demo version, which will meet all the upcoming needs of our valued customers and will be available on our web site 24 X 7 X 365. Many new functions will be included in our new demo soon. For example, you will be able to change brightness of lighting or control of the Security System. Not just this but a lot more features will be added…

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A new version of intraHouse i.e. V14.05.05 has been released

A new version of intraHouse V14.05.05 has been released, new features added, bugs fixed, significant improvements introduced to the user interface. Some of the main features in new version include: 1. Left side panel of the user interface now has the function for changing the arrangement of menu items. In the new release, the left panel comprises the following: Main menu Device shortcuts Scenario shortcuts 2. Now the user can choose to view devices of various categories in either of two modes, plan or list. You will observe that with some categories, such as meters or other devices, it is…

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